Project Description

The owner of My Brother’s Salsa, Helen Lampkin, runs her own food blog and also creates wonderful seasonal small batch salsas. These small batch salsas were initially launched under the My Brother’s Salsa brand as seasonal selects, but their popularity and demand made Helen decide to launch them as her own specialty brand Helen’s Table.

These salsas are made with specialized ingredients to create unique flavor profiles and appeal to a more specific audience. We were able to provide Helen’s Table a brand new look for their new line of salsas that are available in specialty food stores across the country.

This look falls in line with their other My Brother’s Salsa looks but also stands on its own as an individual brand. It employs the same My Brother’s Salsa brand personality but does so in a more specialized way. The addition of a lid sticker calls to the hand made, small batch nature of this line of salsas.

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