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In the age of adblockers and DVRs, we’re all getting less and less patient with interruption advertising. And while the best brands have a voice and personality, it’s still hard to hold a meaningful conversation with an audience.

That’s where influencers come in. They’re professional storytellers and creators that consumers choose to follow, which translates to real people connecting with other real people.

It’s more effective.

Influencer marketing has been shown to be a startling 11x more effective than traditional digital advertising, according to a study by TapInfluence in collaboration with Nielsen Catalina Solutions.


We ran dozens of successful influencer campaigns, but we saw ways to do it better and dove in head first.

  • Better marketplace of influencers
  • More control over scheduling
  • You own the content when the campaign is over
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Our network:

  • Over 40,000 influencers
  • Categorized by subject matter, audience, demographic, platform, and more


Choosing the right influencers

We search through our extensive network of content creators, categorized by subject matter, audience, demographic, platform, and more.

Optimizing with real time analytics

We monitor leaderboards with the best-performing content creators by reach, engagement, and platform.

Reporting the Total Media Value (TMV)

When program is completed, we estimate the Total Media Value (TMV) based on content, distribution, and engagement.

Data driven

We have robust tools to analyze the campaign’s performance based on:

Easter with Boursin®

Our team used a combination of original and influencer content reach almost 8 million people during a key timeframe.

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