Case Study // The Stitt Group Rebranding


STITT Energy is a company that has specialized in the production of energy efficient construction materials for over 37 years, ranging from solar, to roofing, to insulated concrete forms. They work with both contractors and those looking for expertise in creating a better home from the plans through completion.


The word energy has, in recent years, caused confusion in the marketplace for STITT. Customers and potential customers are associating the word with electrical companies rather than “green” and energy efficiency. We were asked if there was a way to rebrand the company to alleviate confusion and increase awareness and understanding.


Our team designed, hosted, and conducted a branding ideation with the stakeholders within the STITT organization. This exercise resulted in an updated brand identity and became the strategic starting point for future creative endeavors for the company.

The STITT Group was one of the outcomes and became the overarching umbrella for various product categories. This new identity enabled the company to showcase green and energy efficiency for current and prospective customers. Creative executions included brand guidelines, trade show materials, brochures, and ideas for website updates.