Case Study // KPFG MURC


Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc. (KPFG) was looking to expand its success in dry mix sauces, seasonings, and dessert mixes in the school segment into commercial restaurants.


Utilize a full range of services (from internal and secondary research, to product attributes, recipe development, and photography) to solve for needs within the commercial restaurant arena—with communication specifically targeted to multi-unit regional chains (MURCs).


Internal research was conducted with brokers and internal chefs, an external chef, internal marketing team, and the agency. Findings indicated the products would work well within these MURC operations across all menu parts—from appetizers and sides to entrées and desserts.

Secondary research (including projections in the foodservice industry, menu trends, and a competitive assessment) findings were then used to develop opportunity areas for effective communication to the target audience—positioning KPFG as a partner for MURCs.

The ability to position KPFG as a true knowledge and solutions partner with these MURC operations is key in being credible to this audience.


The following was then used to develop and implement a solid foundation for reaching these operators:

  • Interactive PDF utilizing the most up-to-date foodservice menu trends and industry information.
  • Recipes were developed to fill existing gaps in the communication.
  • Corresponding photography was created in our in-house photography studio.
  • Based on initial feedback, a follow-up sample kit and recipe booklet were developed to continue the conversation.


Initial feedback from the sales and marketing teams has been very positive. Currently in a regional testing phase and results will be posted as soon as they are available. As soon as results from the testing phase come back, the program will be launched nationally.