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Case Study // Mrs. Dash Social


The Mrs. Dash foodservice brand had a Twitter page, but was not posting to it on a regular or consistent basis.


To provide a consistent message on a regular basis with the ultimate goal of being considered a thought leader in the industry. This was to be accomplished by engaging with current Twitter followers, new followers, and expanding into Facebook with general information, shares, and original content.


We started by conducting a competitive social media assessment to determine what was being communicated to the industry in the category. A content strategy was developed in conjunction with its traditional media plan. This strategy included original content used in scheduled editorial articles, eNewsletters, chef insights, and video work, as well as the promoting of new recipes and photography.

We engaged with Twitter followers and launched with Facebook for 4 to 5 months with general information (recipes, ideas for menus, and sharing of industry information). Once a good amount of content was available, a series of promoted posts and promoted pages was published to grow the base of followers/likes. Original content from editorial, eNewsletters, video, and the Mrs. Dash internal R&D and marketing teams is now being implemented to help position Mrs. Dash as a thought leader in the industry.


As of November, 2016, Facebook went from 0 to over 800 followers in 8 months and Twitter followers almost doubled in the same timeframe.